Afofee now officially associated with 300 + Brands. An amazing success on the flow. Afofee is now associated with national and international brands with a new thought of a new future

Check out whats new with Afofee Introducing Bonbeeno-an afofee product execlusively dealing with intresting and new coupons and deals.

Read wonderful, feel wonderful , live wonderful .. The Afofee - EonCoin collaboration is being a very interest topic to think and talk on, in order to know more about this revolution .

Start a world
on EonCoin --with afofee

The Afofee-EonCoin Associative

Afofee instantly purchased 30 Million EonCoins worth USD 0.45 from the EonCoin. With this huge growth of Afofee and EonCoin market interest both the ventures are now collaborated together resulting in a revolution to start. Afofee is today well known and accepted by its different services like, E-Commerce , recharge portal, coupon portals and many more. It holds a huge influence population running currently in the global market and at the first day of collaboration of EonCoin and Afofee many new changes and exciting things are going to take place in the open market.

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The EonCoin point to circulate.

Afofee has a huge crowd and now this whole crowd will be made to promote The EonCoin at all the instance . This will create a potential awareness among the people in market and hence increasing the coin buyers rapidly meanwhile resulting in growth in Coin value . The market is now booming in the revolution and soon the new business partners Afofee and EonCoin will channel up a new era towards cryptocurrency and economic stability of the world and individual . Get set and ready to explore your EonCoins with afofee and make a bright and right future ahead .